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The Main Event: Hoxton Pony

24/03/16 @ The Hoxton Pony

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As much as we’d obviously like it to happen more often, we only have the Easter extended break once a year, which is the exact reason why we all have to maximise our dancing time. This year Kinky Malinki take over the Hoxton Pony for the first time ever, as we help you with that maximising, on Easter Thursday.

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Kinky Malinki Every Sunday at Aqwa Mist Marbella

Who would’ve thought that 13 years ago, when Kinky Malinki first held our parties in Marbella, that we would still be doing our thing all these years later? Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but it sure as hell isn’t for Kinky Malinki, as we return with another weekly residency of power.

Aqwa Mist