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Grant Richards

Grant Richards

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It was in 1997 when Grant Richards first started DJing, but vinyl had been a bigger part of his life long before that.

A youth reared on classic Motown and raw funk driving a fascination with shiny black plastic. It would be 1999 that would become a pivotal year for Grant, a succession of opportunities leading him to the world of dance music in a more serious role. He was rapidly ensconced in the world of DJing, Promoting and Producing where he quickly ascertained a full time position at House heavyweight Kinky Malinki. It was here he would develop the essential talent in balancing these duties, not only for the benefit of himself but also for the brand that would forge his early identity.

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Kinky Malinki

We're Marbella’s longest running house event of 16 years and we're excited to kick off another summer at our Spanish home every Sunday at Mirage Marbella.

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