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Rufus Miller

Rufus Miller

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Rufus Miller is a musical man of mystery, hailing from parts unknown. Who Rufus is isn’t important.

The music Rufus produces, definitely is. In a world full of fame hungry, forgettable acts, Rufus intends on firmly letting the music do the talking, putting the music where his mouth is, so to speak. This Rufus is Ruthless, concentrating on the ‘quality over quantity’ mantra that sees him being ruthless in the studio when delivering the finished article. Whether that finished article is a piano heavy, hands in the air number like ‘Need You More’ or whether he flicks the acid switch and takes things firmly toward the underground like on ‘Destiny’, Rufus has it covered.

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Kinky Malinki

We're Marbella’s longest running house event of 16 years and we're excited to kick off another summer at our Spanish home every Sunday at Mirage Marbella.

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