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London To Ibiza Volume 2

London To Ibiza Volume 2

Compiled and mixed by Marco Lys and Kid Massive 2CD Download

Much like their parties in London and all around the World, Kinky Malinki have been going about their business with their compilation album releases and relying on an ethos applied to those International events: Quality and consistency.

For their seventh album release, ever present compiler, Kid Massive is joined by Marco Lys. A DJ that has featured regularly for Kinky Malinki over the past twelve months, so is well placed to showcase his sound that has enthralled many a Kinky clubber in that time.

Marco Lys goes directly for the groove. Subtle but with an emphasis on lively percussion and head nodding basslines. A sound that Marco has literally rocked from London to Ibiza for Kinky Malinki.

Kid Massive takes things darker for his mix and goes straight for the jugular. Massive drops and euphoric synths are the order of the day.

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Kinky Malinki

We're Marbella’s longest running house event of 16 years and we're excited to kick off another summer at our Spanish home every Sunday at Mirage Marbella.

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